Updated for the new July 2020 FE Exam Topics

FE Exam Memes and Jokes

As we find fun memes on the internet and Reddit, we'll post some of them here. We also create our own sometimes!

Not sure if FE exam practice problems are unreasonably hard Or my engineering degree is fake - Futurama / PrepFE

You don't know how many times we've read "but my engineering degree didn't cover these topics".

You just completed your engineering degree & passed your FE Exam!?! Can you tell me how to build this? - Condescending Wonka -/ PrepFE

Ahhh, you've passed your FE exam and finally get a job, and they throw you to the wolves!

I should take The FE Exam - newspaper cat realization | Meme Generator

About time we took that exam, eh.

Prof says this will be on the FE Exam already passed - Lazy College Senior - quickmeme

Those ambitious juniors who take the FE exam early.

First Things to do to Prepare to Pass the PE Exam ... http://www.civilengineeringacademy.com/first-things-to-do-t… | Exams funny, Funny school pictures, Exams memes

In our experience, the dread is there right after the exam too. 😅

If you bring your TI-89 Calculator to the FE Exam You're gonna have a bad time - Your gonna have a bad time - quickmeme

Errr, think they mean the TI-36. Or you could always use the on-screen TI-36 that is emulated on the exam. No bueno.

Passed the PE Exam! - Meme on Imgur

Hey, this applies to the Fundamentals of Engineering exam too, so we're counting it.

5 minutes into the FE Exam Looks like you should go poop - Scumbag Brain - quickmeme

Just exam things.

Made this meme to help cheer myself up : engineeringmemes

Ahh, this is a sad one! It takes multiple tries for a lot of people. It's a tough exam, and we feel you u/huffylemon.

Know how you wanted to get a full nights sleep before the FE Exam? I'm going to wake up every 45 minutes thinking you over slept. - Scumbag Brain - quickmeme

Another variation on the brain meme.