About PrepFE
Team, Mission, and Story

PrepFE™ was created to ensure that you pass the Fundamentals of Engineering exam.

The Team

PrepFE™ is a small team of engineers with varied backgrounds and experience and based throughout the country. We have Masters or PhD degrees in our respective fields and experience across mechanical, aerospace, civil, electrical engineering disciplines as well as computer science. We've worked with many cities and counties as well corporations including SpaceX, AECOM, Disney, Nantworks, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Some of our materials even have personal touches from our actual experiences!

PrepFE is an Edcetera company who provides the education people need to take the next step in their career, now and later.

Our Mission

We believe the best way to prepare for the FE exam (and most exams!) is to review by practicing solving the types of questions that are on the exam, over and over. For one, this is active studying instead of passive. While there’s value in viewing lectures and presentations, active problem solving develops your skills, strengthens your memory recall, and builds your confidence.

Our core content includes questions, answers, and thorough explanations. The material is uniquely diverse, ranging from basic questions to help familiarize you with the NCEES FE Reference Handbook to more comprehensive questions that will fully prepare you for the exam. Don't worry - if you get a question wrong, we'll explain why it was wrong and provide tips for similar questions so that your scores improve over time. Whether you need to cram to pass or seek a deep understanding of the material, PrepFE™ is designed with your needs in mind.

Our Story

Having gone through Fundamentals of Engineering exams ourselves (or Engineer In Training depending), we found that the quality, convenience, and cost of prep materials was unsatisfactory and decided to build the best product in class. Since some of us took the exam years after completing our education, we also wanted to ensure that we'd accommodate people who had forgotten a lot of the material.

Exam preparation is a critical component of the SATs and GREs, undergraduate and graduate engineering programs, engineer licensure, and much more. As seasoned engineers, the PrepFE™ team has learned to successfully navigate these hurdles, and we want to help you do the same. When studying for the FE exam (certifies you as an Engineer In Training (EIT/EI)), we found that available materials and resources were lacking: outdated materials, very expensive, unnecessarily difficult questions, non-comprehensive guides and practice tests, and a surprising number of errors. To address these issues and help future engineers, we created PrepFE™.