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I would highly recommend PrepFE to anyone who is looking to optimize their chances for success on the FE exam. They were the single best resource that I used in my preparation for three reasons:

1) PrepFE was by far the closest representation of the material I encountered on the FE exam; it was narrow enough to eliminate any unnecessary information while also being comprehensive enough to cover the topics on the exam. Through the use of mock exams, exam subject matter customization, and graphical scoring, I was able to tailor my approach to my weak points while also having a one stop location to track my progress.

2) PrepFE beats every competitor from a price & value per dollar standpoint and it is not even close.

3) Customer support. Their staff was able to accommodate any questions I had throughout my time studying quickly and professionally.

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A. A.

Mechanical discipline
Passed the FE exam

As far as I'm concerned, PrepFE has disrupted the market for FE exam preparation.

It is affordable, so my department can purchase licenses for our students as part of review sessions.

It is effective, meaning students spend their time actively practicing questions instead of passively sitting through review presentations.

It is growing, with new features being included almost monthly.

And it is insightful, providing my department statistics on each student to help us assess our program and help our students succeed at the same time.

prepfe testimonial

Professor Joseph Tipton Jr.

Chair, Mechanical Engineering
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

I had not attended university for a few years. I decided to try repeated practice problems to refresh. PrepFE was really helpful for this.

prepfe testimonial
Krishna V

PrepFE is an excellent resource for anyone studying for the FE Mechanical exam. It provides problems similar to what I encountered on the FE. It also helps with doing problems faster. With this resource, I was able to pass and finished with over an hour to spare on the exam.