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Patent Bar Exam Admission
Using Category C

If you are a prospective patent practitioner who doesn't qualify for Category A or Category B, Category C is a way to qualify for the "patent bar exam", or officially, the Examination for Registration to Practice in Patent Cases Before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. You can learn more about the patent bar at the Patent Education Series.

Category C: Practical Engineering or Scientific Experience

According to the USPTO:
"An applicant relying on practical engineering or scientific experience or who does not qualify under Category A or B above may establish the required technical training by demonstrating that he or she has taken and passed the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) test. The FE test is a test of engineering fundamentals. The FE test is developed and administered by a State Board of Engineering Examiners in each State or comparable jurisdiction. Neither the USPTO nor any other U.S. Government agency administers the test. An applicant desiring to take the FE test should direct inquiries to the Secretaries of the appropriate State Boards. Official results of the FE test must be submitted to establish qualification under this category. An applicant attempting to qualify under Category C must submit an official transcript showing the award of a Bachelors degree."

While this is quoted from the USPTO, it is outdated information. The FE exam is nationally administered by the NCEES.

About the FE exam

The FE exam is a comprehensive engineering test that is available in 7 different 'discplines': Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Computer, Environmental, Inudstrial and Systems, Mechanical, and Other disciplines. Choose a discipline based on your educational background and experience, or choose the catch-all Other Disciplines for the most general engineering exam.

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Dear PrepFE Team: I completed and PASSED my FE exam last 10/31/20. I think your help was crucial in passing this exam. Thank you for your help. I Having the timed exams, the subject exams, and the overall structure of your product, worked very well for me. Thanks again and thank you for your excellent and very cost effective product.

Arturo C

Wanted to thank whomever is behind the scenes of this website. Took my Mechanical FE last week and got the results this morning. Passed it on my first try. I am very relived to never the test again and am grateful for this platform to help me prepare for success. Spending 4 months going over review problems helped me prepare greatly. What y'all have going on here is amazing. Thank you again for this.

Stephen S

I absolutely loved the interface, metrics analysis and the way the problems are presented with PrepFE. I passed the Other Disciplines FE on my first try!!! Definitely felt that PrepFE got the wheels turning and got me into a problem solving mode.

Robert L

PrepFE is an excellent resource for anyone studying for the FE Mechanical exam. It provides problems similar to what I encountered on the FE. It also helps with doing problems faster. With this resource, I was able to pass and finished with over an hour to spare on the exam.

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Bilal A