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Instructor Tools

Built for instructors, proctors, and institutions. Monitor class activity and establish performance metrics for the class as a whole and for individual students.

PrepFE for the classroom

PrepFE helps your students prepare for the Fundamentals of Engineering exam. Use our technology to assess your students’ readiness for the FE exam. Provide your students with hundreds of practice problems with detailed solutions in an interactive online platform.

  • 500-600+ FE practice problems per exam and growing
  • Free access for additional instructors and teaching assistants
  • Individual student or class-wide sign ups available

Advantages of using PrepFE

  • We live and breathe the FE exam. We keep up with all FE exam updates, and our materials are up to date.

  • PrepFE’s practice problems are of similar difficulty to the ones on the actual exam.

  • We make sure our problems use equations found in the official FE Reference Handbook.

  • Problems with common "gotcha"s, calculator shortcuts, other tricks that are commonplace in the FE exam.

PrepFE is the leading online FE exam prep service. PrepFE works differently from other FE preparation services. We are technology and analytics driven. Our website is the most modern and advanced while remaining straightforward. Our iOS apps are full-featured and stand well above any competitors' offerings. Our guarantees and customer service are best in industry, and all of this comes with the most affordable and transparent pricing.

“The questions on PrepFE were tremendously helpful and I would say 85-90% of the questions I encountered on PrepFE were similar to those on the actual exam.” - Parker B

We believe the best way to prepare for the FE exam (and most exams!) is to review by practicing solving the types of questions that are on the exam, over and over. For one, this is active studying instead of passive. While there’s value in viewing lectures and presentations, active problem solving develops your skills, strengthens your memory recall, and builds your confidence.

What instructors get

  • Instructor dashboard with your students’ strengths and weaknesses across all of the exam topics
  • Assigning completion-grade homework
  • An example syllabus.
  • Exportable student and class data for further assessment
  • Ability to sign multiple instructors to the same class or cohort

What students get

  • 500-600+ practice problems for the Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Computer, and Other Disciplines engineering FE exams.
  • Self assessment of their topic strengths and weaknesses.
  • Interactive practice exams including timed and category-specific practice exams
  • Flash cards
  • Free access to our iOS apps
  • Very detailed solutions that are ideal for reviews and relearning topics

As far as I'm concerned, PrepFE has disrupted the market for FE exam preparation.

It is affordable, so my department can purchase licenses for our students as part of review sessions.

It is effective, meaning students spend their time actively practicing questions instead of passively sitting through review presentations.

It is growing, with new features being included almost monthly.

And it is insightful, providing my department statistics on each student to help us assess our program and help our students succeed at the same time.

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Professor Joseph Tipton Jr.

Chair, Mechanical Engineering
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

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