Student Representatives

Thank you for your interest in becoming a PrepFE Student Representative!


  1. Distribute and post PrepFE promotional materials (posters, flyers, etc...) in the appropriate places at your school (eg. mail boxes, bulletin boards, etc…). These will be provided to you.
  2. Periodically email your classmates to share your Promo code and info on subscribing to PrepFE. If your school/class has a Facebook page/group (or other social media), information is to be posted there as well.
  3. Discuss and promote PrepFE informally with your classmates and the class below you to increase awareness of the product.
  4. Assist PrepFE in our efforts to constantly improve our product by providing feedback about how the program helped you (and your classmates)and areas that might benefit from additional material coverage.You should be aware that, legally, you are not allowed to share any questions or specific topics from your FE exam. We will not ask about them; it is not our intention to undermine the integrity of the examination.
  5. Attend an online orientation session and respond to a brief exit survey.


  1. Free extension to your PrepFE subscription.
  2. Your own Promo code for classmates, saving them $10 on a 6-month subscription.
  3. Tiered rewards based on the number of people using your promo code.
  4. Resume enhancement.


You can earn an Amazon gift card based on the number of people who sign up for PrepFE using your Promo code!

# of SignupsGift Card
Note: You will get your gift card at the end of your time as a Student Rep, based on the total number of people whouse your Code. (e.x.: If you have 35 people use your code during your time as a student rep, you get a gift card for $40)

Time Commitment:

In general, we do not expect this to occupy a large amount of time on your part.

Any Questions? Interested in Applying?

If you have any questions or would like to apply, please contact our Program Manager, Amanda Corozza, at [email protected].