Full-length FE Practice Exams

Whether you're just starting to study and need to determine your strengths and weaknesses or want to see if your ready for the official FE exam, full-length practice exams are an effective way of preparing and can help as a diagnostic tool. At PrepFE, we wanted to create a book-based exam with the added benefit of performance analytics available here at Problems come with a detailed solutions that explain how to solve them step-by-step, including shortcuts and tips for solving the problem easily and fast.

Each exam disciplines' problems in our books are unique from those at and were benchmarked to gauge performance and difficulty. This enabled us to create a balanced practice exam that is most representative of the official FE exam – and comparing our benchmarks with publications from the NCEES, we think we’ve done just that!

We took book-based exams to the next level and built an online Performance Analysis feature where you can input your answers from the books here and receive a visual report of how you stack up to others and to the NCEES’s reported scores.

(Coming soon) FE Civil Full-length Practice Exam

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(Coming soon) FE Mechanical Full-length Practice Exam

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(Coming soon) FE Other Disciplines Full-length Practice Exam

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