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Multiple FE Practice Exams

PrepFE is an interactive online dashboard with hundreds of FE practice problems to help you review for (and pass) the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam.

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How online FE practice exams work on

1. Select topic-specific FE practice exams. Focus on just statics, for example

PrepFE’s online practice exams cover questions in all the FE exam topics. You have the option to do topic-specific practice exams to focus your studying efforts on your weakest subjects.

FE Practice Exams - Statics

2. Alternatively, simulate the real FE exam experience with timed practice exams with questions from all the different FE exam topics

The real FE exam is a limited time exam. Often times, the time limit is what gets in the way of you passing an exam. PrepFE simulates the real FE exam experience with timed practice exams.

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3. Practice exams built around the official NCEES list of FE exam topics for optimal FE Civil Review

PrepFE's online practice exams are built exclusively around the official NCEES list of FE exam topics. Our practice exams only cover what you need to know to pass the FE exam and nothing more. Our goal is to make you pass, not to make you learn all of civil engineering again.

FE Exam Prep Course on YouTube

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Multiple FE Practice Exams

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