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In this article, we will discuss why you should or should not buy the NCEES FE Practice Exam. We incorporate our own analysis, as well as reviews from Amazon customers who have purchased the NCEES FE Practice Exam for their FE exam preparations.

Reasons To Buy ✅

  1. Realistic questions. It contains questions from real previous FE exams.

  2. several of the problems were nearly identical on the actual exam - Travis -

  3. Price. You can buy a practice exam for $29 (~$50 with shipping). It’s one of the more affordable FE exam prep materials.
  4. Book is up-to-date and it follows the latest NCEES FE exam list of topics.
  5. Often used as a way to gauge how ready you are before you take the actual FE exam.

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Reasons To Not Buy ❌

  1. Limited number of questions for a comprehensive FE review with the NCEES FE Practice Exam. There are 110 questions in the actual FE exam and this practice exam is only 100 questions. One hundred practice problems is sufficient for gauging how ready you are for the FE exam, but it is insufficient for a comprehensive FE exam review.

  2. … it has less than 100 problems, and the FE was at 100+ problems. I felt that this did not provide a wide enough variety of practice... - Eirik Skyblazer -

    Although the questions on the NCEES Practice Exam are great, there just aren't enough of them for a good FE exam review. We recommend you add on with other sources that have more practice problems like PrepFE.

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