PPI2PASS & School of PE (FE Exam): Reviews + Alternatives

PPI2PASS and School of PE Alternative

Below you can find a free video-lecture alternative to School of PE and PPI2PASS FE exam prep services. In addition, we present an analysis of School of PE and PPI2PASS prep classes.

Free alternative to School of PE & PPI2PASS prep classes (FE Civil Exam Only):

Marshall University has uploaded video recordings of their Civil FE Exam prep class to YouTube. In each lecture video, a faculty member from Marshall University goes over several review problems for each major topic of the Civil FE Exam. The faculty member briefly explains the engineering theory and the number-crunching behind the practice problem. We recommend you check out these videos as not only are they good practice, but they’re also free to watch.

FE Exam Prep Course on YouTube

Add practice problems to your FE video lectures

Put to the test what you’re learning from your FE video lectures by doing practice problems that resemble the problems in the actual FE Exam.

FE Exam Prep Course on YouTube

$39.99 alternative to School of PE & PPI2PASS prep classes (FE Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Other Disciplines)

Unfortunately, there aren’t any free resources out there that offer structured FE Exam prep lecture videos for exams other than the civil engineering FE Exam. If you can do without lecture videos, we recommend you check out PrepFE.

PrepFE.com offers hundreds of FE practice problems in an interactive online dashboard for only $39.99. Problems come with detailed solutions that not only explain how to solve the problems, but the solutions also train you on how to navigate the FE Reference Handbook which is key for passing the FE Exam.

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Reviews - FE Exam Prep Classes

Below are pros and cons to School of PE and PPI2PASS FE Exam prep classes.