Updated for the new July 2020 FE Exam Topics

How to register for the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam

These are the steps to sign up for the fundamentals of engineering (FE) exam. The FE exam is the first step in the journey to become a licensed engineer in the United States.

1. Create an account on MyNCEES, which is the agency in charge of handling professional licensure for engineers in the US.

2. Go to your email to confirm your MyNCEES account.

FE Exam Registration 2.png

3. After logging into MyNCEES, go to the left hand panel and click on the 'exams' icon.

FE Exam Registration 3.png

4. Click on ‘register for an exam' icon.

FE Exam Registration 4.png

5. Fill out all the exam registration prerequisites and then click 'register for an exam' at the bottom of the list.

FE Exam Registration 5.png

6. Select ‘fundamentals of engineering’ tab and then select the exam you want to take.

FE Exam Registration 6.png

7. Select the board (state) where you will physically be at whenever you take take the exam. Unlike the PE exam, the FE is recognized nationally independent of which state you took the exam in.

FE Exam Registration 7.png

8. Click the 'continue' button on discounted exam prep material. You can buy your prep material later once you weigh out all your options. Note that the pdf version of the FE Reference Handbook is free. While a physical handbook is convenient to use, we advise that you get very familiar using and searching the digital pdf version because only a digital version of the reference handbook will be available to you on the actual exam.

FE Exam Registration 8.png

9. Fill out your billing info to pay for the exam registration.

FE Exam Registration 9.png

10. Finish checkout and follow the instructions on the screen to schedule your exam at the Pearson Vue test center most convenient to you.

FE Exam Registration 10.png