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FE Exam Dates & Schedule + Registration Steps

fe exam dates

When is the FE exam offered?

The 5.5-hour long FE exam is offered in the mornings, Monday-Saturday, every week of the month, every month of the year (excluding major holidays) at any Pearson Vue test center location.

What is the best way to prepare for the FE exam?

The best way to prepare for any engineering exam is by doing tons of practice problems that resemble that engineering exam. PrepFE focuses on just that. We provide users hundreds of FE practice problems, with detailed solutions, similar to the problems they would see in the actual FE exam

… I found prepFE to be the superior resource. The interface is user friendly, it is more flexible with how you'd want to study, and I found the questions on prepFE to replicate the real exam questions much better than PPE HQ... - @Filam - Reddit.com

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How do I register to take the FE exam?

In summary, you must register and pay the FE exam fee to NCEES before you're allowed to schedule the FE exam. Below are the steps to register for the FE exam, so you can schedule it.

  1. Create an account on MyNCEES, which is the agency in charge of handling professional licensure for engineers in the US.

  2. fe exam dates

  3. Go to your email to confirm your MyNCEES account.
  4. fe exam dates

  5. After logging into MyNCEES, go to the left hand panel and click on the 'exams' icon
  6. fe exam dates

  7. Click on ‘register for an exam'.
  8. fe exam dates

  9. Fill out all the exam registration prerequisites and then click 'register for an exam' at the bottom of the list.
  10. FE Exam Registration 5.png

  11. Select ‘fundamentals of engineering’ tab and then select the exam you want to take.
  12. FE Exam Registration 6.png

  13. Select the board (state) where you will physically be at whenever you take take the exam. If you move to another state, you will NOT have to retake the FE exam in the new state. The passing of the FE exam is recognized nationwide.
  14. FE Exam Registration 7.png

  15. Click the 'continue' button on discounted exam prep material. The discount is only 5 cents, so there's no reason to make the decision on FE exam prep right at this moment! You can buy your FE prep material later once you weigh out all your different FE exam prep options.

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    PrepFE is an interactive online dashboard with hundreds of FE practice problems to get your ready to PASS the FE exam.

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    Additionally, note that the pdf version of the FE Reference Handbook is free. While a physical handbook is convenient to use (last item offered on this screen), we advise that you get used to using the pdf version of the Reference Handbook instead. Why? because only a digital version of the Reference Handbook will be given to you during the actual exam. You're not allowed to use hardcopies of the FE Reference Handbooks during the actual FE exam.
  16. FE Exam Registration 8.png

  17. Fill out your billing info to pay for the exam registration.
  18. FE Exam Registration 9.png

  19. Finish checkout and follow the instructions on the screen to schedule your exam at the Pearson Vue test center most convenient to you. The exam-day experience at the Pearson Vue test center will look like this: