Updated for the new July 2020 FE Exam Topics

How to prepare for the Civil FE Exam (to-do checklist)

To prepare for the Civil FE Exam, you must do many practice problems from the official NCEES FE Civil topic list. That way you're only studying what you need to know to pass the exam and don't waste time studying all of engineering again.

Here at PrepFE, we developed a comprehensive list of skills and topics you need to know and practice before taking the Civil Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam. This list of topics is based on the official July 2020 exam specifications posted by NCEES. We believe that you don't need to master the topics outlined below to pass the exam, instead you should be proficient in the majority of topics listed below in order to be prepared for the Civil FE Exam. We recommend you do a lot of practice problems on these different topics. You got this far in engineering school, you got this! Good luck! Get this checklist as a PDF

1. Familiarize yourself with the topics asked on the Civil FE Exam

2. Download the latest FE Reference Handbook pdf, which includes all the equations you need for the exam

3. Get an approved calculator already and get accustomed to it

4. Sign up for a complete and structured FE Exam prep service

Prepare for the Civil FE exam by doing hundreds of FE practice problems

  • Hundreds of practice problems w/ detailed solutions
  • Flash cards to help you conceptual questions on the FE
  • Analytics dashboard - see your civil FE topic strengths and weaknesses before the exam
  • Complete and structured Civil FE exam prep

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Fluid Mechanics


Water Resources and Environmental Engineering

Structural Engineering

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